Worshipful Bespoke

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We pride ourselves on having established a completely in-house bespoke service. Whether you have difficulty finding frames that fit or just want something unique and of the highest quality Worshipful Bespoke is the service for you. By keeping the entire process in-house and not using third party manufactures we ensure that the maximum amount of information regarding the client’s needs is retained throughout.

Combining Natalie and Matthew’s extensive experience in design, artistry and workmanship our bespoke spectacles and sunglasses are fine objects that will be cherished for years to come. We utilize the finest materials and all stages are carried out the traditinal way; by hand.

The Process

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Finding The Right Shape

Every frame starts with a private consultation in our shop. We use our extensive template library and the shop’s new and vintage stock to get an idea of the fit and style that will suit you. This is a great opportunity for you to bring any inspiration or personal ideas to the creative process.

Bespoke choose

This is what bespoke is all about. Using proprietary measuring equipment and years of hands on experience we take all your important measurements. Consideration must be given to many specific requirements that can be vastly different from person to person.

Custom measuring

Spectacles are an unassumingly complex object. Brow heights, temple distance, cheek depth, prescription and bridge width are just a few of the factors that are considered. Initial sketches are refined into digital vectors that are then turned into laser cut templates. Just like every face, each client’s designs are completely original and unique.

Bespoke designs
Second Consultation

The templates are then used in a second consultation to either form a final decision or to highlight any tweaks that may be required. We also finalise what colour and finish will suit both you and the frame. This may be from our collection of Italian Mazzucchelli acetate or our hand dyed colours or fades. Finally, the finishing touches are discussed; chamfers, roundovers, frame thickness, hinge types and more are all considered.


Worshipful Bespoke are always completely made by hand. Each frame requires more than fifty separate processes. Skill and focus are essential to ensure exact tolerances and symmetry. Contours, nose pads and temples are hand filed, hinges are heat sunk or riveted by hand. Finally, your frame will go through three stages of hand buffing to bring the finish to a fine lustre.


Your frames are then glazed with the highest quality lenses and all that is left to do is the final fitting.

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