The Worshipful Little Shop of Spectacles

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Our East London shop offers an ever-changing collection of unworn vintage sunglasses and spectacles, ready to wear and bespoke handmade eyewear.

For us fit is everything. Choosing the right style is important but not all spectacles suit all faces or prescriptions.

Founder Natalie has over twenty years experience in the optical industry. She cares that you leave us with beautifully fitted spectacles that suit your face and personality.

A Little Herstory.

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The Worshipful Little Shop of Spectacles is unlike any other optical retailer in London.

Founded in 2014 by artist Natalie Agnes Edwards it is unconventional in many ways. Following a considerable career dispensing, curating collections and designing bespoke frames for high end boutiques Natalie decided to take the reins and literally build her own shop.

From its inception the shop offered a tailor made bespoke service utilizing the skills of frame maker Dave Cox. She dreamed that in the future a way could be found to bring the entire frame making process in house; therefore preserving a dying trade and creating the perfect environment to ensure the highest quality service.

Natalie Edwards of Worshipful Spectacles


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As fate would have it Natalie met her partner Matthew Lambert a year after opening her shop.
A cabinet maker for 13 years he had already honed many of the skills required to hand make frames. With the encouragement of Mr Cox and realising that he could fit a workshop in Natalie’s old art studio he got to work. He built it up over the next year, often having to make or modify machinery to suit the purpose. In 2018 the Worshipful Workshop came to life.
Matthew Lambert of Worshipful Spectacles

What our customers say


“Natalie and Matt have completey changed how I wear glasses and I can’t be more thankful of it…If you struggle to find a pair of spectacles that suit you, Nat and Matt will help you!


Super nice! Best glasses and optician around. Stopped there for a quick stroll, and ended up buying a new pair for my partner, and coming back regularly after. Custom frames, vintage sunglasses and the nicest people.


I am so glad I stumbled across this shop – the stuff dreams are made of. I don’t live close by but it was worth travelling across town for, thanks to the fabulously unique selection of glasses, the incredible customer service and the staff knowledge and help.

Our shop is open Saturdays 10am-6pm and Fridays by appointment. 
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