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Why I Make My Own Spectacles

Why I Make My Own Spectacles

Our Founder Natalie Edwards gives a quick breakdown on why she had to start designing and making her own spectacles.


eGift Cards Now Avaliable

People who love our shop have been asking to pay in advance for products or services in the future. As a result, we’ve decided to issue eGift Cards through Square. These will be redeemable once social distancing measures have been relaxed. Even if we cannot open the shop to the public straight away, we are planning to start organising one on one appointments either instore or in our workshop.

Worshipful Crying

Dont Leave Us Behind


Due to the way the units at Netil Market are valued, ours and 15 other small business are unable to access any funding that has been made avaliable by the government.

Without intervention by Hackney Council the trader’s businesses and livelyhoods are at risk.

Netil Market has been an incubator for SMEs and startups since 2014 and we hope that it can continue to be in the future.

Please read on to find out what has happened and if you can help us move forward.

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