Special Editions

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New For 2019 - Worshipful Special Editions

Outlandish, experimental and collaborative our special editions are ultra exclusive one-offs or limited collections.  Bold shapes, advanced techniques and collaborating with other like minded creatives they are a reflection of our origins and desire to innovate.

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Laminated Special 01

April 2019

We really wanted to make a strong, deep geometric frame that made use of some of our thinner vintage acetate.

Adapting one of our distinctive flat-topped designs we added sharp transitions to the laminates. The lower rims have strong chamfers that terminate in 100%-0% mitres. The two-tone temples have concave scoops and a sharp transition in width.

All resulting in a bold but refined pair of spectacles.

Laminated Special 02

April 2019

A grey veined front laminate with a distinctive winged detail that reveals the hand contoured black back laminate. The back of the geometric bridge is filed to transition to the integrated nose pads for an extremely comfortable fit.

A smaller frame that’s perfect for the adventurous individual




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