Optical Lens Service

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Premium lenses at a fair price

We realise that it can be hard for the customer to know what is quality and what is not. When lenses are new they all look the same, however over time lenses can degrade and coatings can falter, scratching easily and crazing in patches or all over. We only supply extremely high quality lenses at a reasonable price so we have the comfort of knowing that we have provided the best for our customers.

Good dispensing practice mandates that your prescription must be taken into account from the very start of the frame selection process. Lens thickness may only work in certain shapes or materials, pupillary distance and face width will only work with certain designs. We provide the advice that you need in order to get the best lens possible for your new spectacles.

We cater for all prescription requirements, from standard to the very highest index, varifocal work lenses and prescription sunglasses.

As long as you have a current prescription, signed and dated within the last 2 years, we will be happy to fill it.

Single vision lenses with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings start at £65

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