Gift Cards Now Avaliable


The Worshipful Little Shop of Spectacles has been closed since 21st March, and with it our company’s only revenue stream. We’ve spent the past month appealing to local politicians, Hackney council and the mayor’s office trying to rectify an issue with our shop’s valuation. As the whole market is valued for business rates and not the individual units we are unable to access government grants put in place to help companies like ours. READ MORE HERE

Yesterday the Mayor informed us that the chances of the Valuation Office making any amendment to the registry are slim and as a result only intervention by the Chancellor is likely to allow us to get any help. To be frank, we are finding it hard to maintain our rental obligations and in order to guarantee the survival of the company are looking towards new ways to create revenue.

People who love our shop have been asking to pay in advance for products or services in the future. As a result, we’ve decided to issue eGift Cards through Square. These will be redeemable once social distancing measures have been relaxed. Even if we cannot open the shop to the public straight away, we are planning to start organising one on one appointments either instore or in our workshop.

We would like to express our most heartfelt thanks to all of the existing customers that have contacted us.

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or check out the GIFT CARD PAGE on this site for our shop price guide